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A mould-made terracotta votive figure of Harpocrates, the Ptolemaic Greek god of silence, secrets, and confidentiality. He is shown in typical pose, standing with his right hand finger to his lips, holding a cornucopia in his left arm.


Romano-Egyptian, Alexandrian: Circa 2nd to 3rd century AD.


Condition: Intact and in very good condition.

Height 20.7 cms (8.1 ins)


Provenance: D.E. Swiss private collection. Formerly in a French private collection, Poindessault, established during the 1970's.


In 2011 the Egyptian office of archaeology announced that they had found the ruins of a Ptolemaic temple containing many similar figures. British Museum reports from Naukratis, located near Alexandria, show the remains of terracotta molds, made from a dark red-brown Nile silt in vast workshops. These figures were made for locals, and have also been found in domestic contexts, but reflected the influence of Greek naturalistic styles in their depictions of the deities.

Alexandrian terracotta figure of Harpocrates

SKU: K356

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