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A goddess of stylised form, with traces of the details painted in black, wearing a long peplos over her flat body, flaring at the feet, with diminutive arms and an elongated neck, wearing a polos headdress with a large volute in front. Terracotta with traces of umber decoration to the chest.


Boeotian: Circa 550 BC.


Height 16.3 cms (6.4 ins).

Condition: The neck broken and repaired.


Provenance: Swiss coll. Basel-Landschaft. Purchased from the Swiss art market Basel 2020. Before that in German private collection.


Such statuettes are sometimes called "idols" or "plank idols", but usually they are referred to as "pappades", a name given to them by the Boeotian villagers who first found them in their fields and who noticed that the polos resembled the cylindrical headdress worn by modern Greek Orthodox priests.

Boeotian terracotta figure of a goddess

SKU: K359

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