A British Stone Age mottled grey stone hammerstone marked in white ink, 'Farnham,Surrey' and bearing Robert Stonard collection monogram.


Width 7 cms (2.75 ins).

Weight 423 grams


A hammerstone (or hammer stone) is the archaeological term used for one of the oldest and simplest stone tools humans ever made: a rock used as a prehistoric hammer, to create percussion fractures on another rock. This process is to create sharp-edged stone flakes from the second rock which can be used reworked into stone tools, depending on the technical skill and knowledge of the prehistoric flint knapper.


The hammerstone is often ovoid in shape (to better fit the human hand) and develops telltale battering marks on one or both ends. The hand hammer was the tool most relied on in the production of stone implements, though because of their simplicity, they can be difficult to distinguish from normal 'lumps of stone' and are thus very much unrepresented in collections.

British Stone Age hammer tool

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