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A light turquoise coloured Egyptian faience amulet of the lion-headed goddess, Sekhmet. She is shown striding forwards, wearing a tight-fitting dress and a tripartite wig; suspension loop behind her head.


Late Dynastic Egypt circa 6th to 1st century BC.


Very Fine condition Height 3.6 cms (1.4 ins)


Provenance: From a private collection acquired by the previous owner's father in the 1950's.


Literature: Pages 33 and 34: Amulets of Ancient Egypt; Carol Andrews.


This representation of Sekhmet, the lion-headed Egyptian goddess of pestilence and war and daughter of the sun god Ra speaks to the power of women in the Egyptian pantheon. She was Goddess of War whilst her destructive force makes her Goddess of Disease, although she was not always a cruel god. If you appealed to her better nature Sekhmet would become the Goddess of Healing and prevent wars.

Egyptian amulet of lion-headed goddess Sekhmet

SKU: K327