An Egyptian bronze figure of the god Nefertum. He is depicted in a striding position, his hands clenched at his sides and wearing a shendyt-kilt. On his head he wears his symbols, the lotus and feather headdress with pendant menats. He stands on an integral rectangular base.

Late-Ptolemaic period: Circa 7th-1st century BC.


Condition: Missing from the ankles down; otherwise Very Fine condition; the metal is stable with attractive light green patina.

Height 20 cms (8 ins)

NB. Unfortunately the stand shown does not belong and is not suited for this figure, so stand not supplied.


Nefertum was born of a blue lotus flower which had arisen from the primal waters. Some of his titles were "He Who is Beautiful" and "Water-Lily of the Sun", and a version of the Book of the Dead says 'Rise like Nefertem from the blue water lily, to the nostrils of Ra (the creator and sungod), and come forth upon the horizon each day'. He was regarded as the god of perfumes and unguents and ancient Egyptians often carried small statuettes of him as good-luck charms.

Egyptian bronze statuette of the god Nefertum

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