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An ancient Egyptian carnelian menat amulet with suspension loop at the top.


New Kingdom period: Circa 1550 to 1070 BC


Very Fine condition; complete and intact.

Height 25 mms (1 inch)


Provenance: From a private collection acquired by the previous owner's father in the 1950's.


The menat is a term for the counterweight of a menat necklace, a heavy set of beads with counterweight sacred to great female goddesses in particular who were appeased by the sound of the shaken beads. The counterweight served as a symbol of the whole elaborate necklace. The menat remained an important magical amulet throughout Egyptian history, serving to propitiate the great goddesses and evoke their powerful protection. (source: Met Museum)


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Egyptian carnelian menat amulet

SKU: K382

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