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A pale blue faience amulet representing the god, Shu. The deity is portrayed kneeling on a rectangular base with arms upraised in the attitude of the ka with the sun disc between. He wears a kilt, long beard and tripartite wig. Pierced through the back pillar for suspension. Relatively small but with fine detail.


Late Dynastic Period: Circa 6th-4th century BC.


Complete and intact.

Height 22 mms (0.87 ins)


Literature: Andrews, C. Amulets of Ancient Egypt, London, 1994, pl.19. Provenance: Ex RS. collection, acquired late 1990's


Shu was the son of the sun god and held the sky apart from the earth to make room for the sun-disc.

Egyptian faience amulet of god Shu

SKU: J680