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A small but lovely little Egyptian heart amulet in turquoise blue faience, with a lug handle either side and a top suspension loop.


Late Dynastic period: Circa 712-343 BC.


Very Fine condition; complete and intact.

Height 2 cms (0.8 ins)


Provenance: From a UK collection of Professor M.C. acquired in the 1980's.


See The Walters Art Museum, accession no. 48.1657, for a parallel.


The ancient Egyptians regarded the heart as the source of human intellect, memory, conscience, and passions. Believed to embody one's true character, the heart was weighed on the balance of the Court of the Underworld to ascertain if the owner was worthy of being reborn in the afterlife. Heart amulets were part of the amulet set of the deceased beginning in the New Kingdom. The meaning of such heart amulets may be that of a substitute for the real heart. Several spells from "The Book of the Dead" deal with the danger that could arise if the heart was taken away from a person, or damaged; it was thought that such a separation could destroy his/her existence in the afterlife. Source: The Walters Art Museum.


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Egyptian faience heart amulet

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