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An ancient Egyptian menat amulet carved in grey green hardstone with suspension loop at the top.


New Kingdom period: Circa 1550 to 1070 BC


Very Fine condition; complete and intact.

Height 21 mms (0.82 ins)


Provenance: From a private collection acquired by the previous owner's father in the 1950's.


The menat necklace was a sacred item of great importance to female Egyptian goddesses, particularly Hathor. Priestesses of Hathor and other powerful goddesses used the necklace as a rattle, holding it in their hand by the counterpoise and evoking protection from the sound of the shaken beads. The amuletic menat counterweight symbolised the whole elaborate necklace. The menat was considered a powerful magical amulet throughout Egyptian history, offering good luck and protection against evil spirits. It was often buried with the dead for protection in the afterlife and was believed to promote fertility and good health for women while signifying virility for men.


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Egyptian green hardstone menat amulet

SKU: K384

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