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A pale green faience shabti. The figure is wearing the headband and net basket on the back, and a a frontal panel of vertical hieroglyphs, which translate as "The Osiris,the Singer of Amun, Nesi-Khonsu" ("belonging to Khons"). The shabti probably comes from Thebes, and the title "Singer of amun" and "Khons" in the name is referring to het Amun- and Khons temple in Karnak. For the name of the owner of this shabti, see Ranke I, pg 178, no20.


Egyptian Third Intermediate period 21st-22nd Dynasty: Circa 1085-713 BC.


Fine condition; complete and intact; very minor surface chip to face.

Height 12 cms (4.7 ins)


Provenance: Ex German collection purchased 2008 from Galerie BB-Antiken & Asiatika, Michael Betz, with copy of invoice.


Notes: It is noticeable that 'Ns' is written without a phonetic complement. The name 'Nes-Chonsu' is very popular in the Third Intermediate Period. Both male and female people can wear it. Since the location where it was found is unknown and there is no title or affiliation information, this figure cannot be assigned to a specific person. The title SmAjt is used in ushabtis primarily for women. The design of the wig also indicates a woman.


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Egyptian Third Intermediate Period shabti for Nes-Chonsu

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