An 18th Dynasty terracotta funerary cone. The oval face with finely impressed text in raised relief reads: "The venerated one in the presence of Osiris, the king's scribe Huy of Hutheretib, true of voice".


Very Fine condition; missing the tip.

Length 17.8 cms (7 ins)

NB. Stand not included.


cf: Macadam and Davies, "Corpus of Inscribed Funerary Cones," #65.


Provenance: Ex London gallery, previously from the collection of Dr. Ulrich Müller, Switzerland, acquired between 1968 and 1978.


Hut-heret-ib was a city in the 10th nome of Lower Egypt, near Athribis. Royal Scribe & High steward of the 18th dynasty, Amunhotep called Huy, and son of the dignitary Hapu was celebrated throughout the remaining centuries of Egyptian history, long after his lifetime, as the exemplar of the wise counsellor and honourable servant of the king. He seemed genuinely to be a man of exceptional probity and talents. He enjoyed an outstanding career as King's Scribe, Scribe of Recruits and the ancient office of Overseer of all the workers of the King.

Egyptian terracotta funerary cone

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