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An Etruscan bronze statuette of Herakles. The hero god is nude, the left foot slightly forward, and right arm raised, to swing his (missing) club. The hair is depicted in vertical streaks and framing the head with its punched eyes and long nose. A tang for mounting remains under his left foot.

Supplied with modern Perspex display stand.


Late 7th-6th century BC.


Condition: Both arms and one leg missing; light olive green patina, with good stable metalwork.

Height (including tang) 10 cms (3.9 ins)


Provenance: Purchased from T. B. on the Swiss art market, Basel. Before that with S. L. Antiquarian Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Before that in Swiss priv. coll. Hans Wiedemann, Biel/Bienne. Since the 1990'.


Heracles was very popular with the Etruscans, his bronze figures were often placed as votive offerings in the temples, especially in the region of today's Umbria.

Etruscan bronze statuette of Herakles

SKU: K361

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