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A terracotta pottery chalice, or offering cup, decorated with bands of black and umber, between which is a recurring pattern of crosses and vertical strokes. The inside of the bowl is undecorated.

NB. Unlike many of the Indus Valley pottery items usually offered for sale, the painting is original and not overpainted.


Indus Valley, Harappan/Mohenjo-Daro civilization: Circa 2500 to 1800 BC.


Condition: A few minor chips and scrapes but otherwise complete and intact; the decoration a little worn in places; earthy accretions remaining.

Diameter at rim 14.4 cms (5.7 ins).

Height 11 cms (4.3 ins).


Provenance: Ex private collection, purchased on the UK arts market 2005-2008

Indus Valley pottery chalice with decoration

SKU: K346

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