A bronze spear head; the ovate blade with curved shoulders and square-sectioned shaft; the tang with a sharp bend towards the end.

Luristan area of Western Persia Iron age I: Circa 800-650 BC.


Complete and intact; the metal is strong and stable; with light green patination.

Length 29.2 cms (11.5 ins).


NB: Not supplied with stand (we use this one for regular photography).


For similar spearhead excavated at the Royal tombs, Marlik, see item 79; Weapons From Marlik; Ezat O. Negahban.


The term Luristan is a generic term since, as with the vast majority of such pieces, we do not have the detailed information of a specific find site. Similar weaponry has been found in other parts for of the country, for example at the Royal tombs at Marlik to the north of Luristan province of a similar date. However, 'Luristan' items are well documented and we can have recourse to many museum collections as well as detailed descriptions in various publications.

Luristan bronze spearhead

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