A Luristan two-piece sword. The weapon has a bronze grip which has been cast on to the iron blade, with a bronze disc-pommel. The blade is of iron with central rib.

Circa 1000-700 BC.


Condition: Fine; the blade has corroded with ferrous deposits, now stable and conserved. By the very nature of iron it is rare to have such a well conserved blade.

Length 51.5 cms (20.3 ins)

NB. Not supplied with stand


For discussion on bronze and iron weapons, see p50 section 3.2; Khorasani; Arms and Armour from Iran.


Throughout the Ancient World, from Greece to Persia, battles raged. The skilled Ancient Persian craftsmen developed great skill in bronze working, producing some of the finest weaponry then available.

Luristan Iron-age rare bronze and iron sword

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