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A terracotta male figure dignitary in seated position with his hands resting on his knees. He wears a headdress, and polychrome decoration to the face chest and back. A vent hole at the back of the top of the head.


Pre-Columbian Nayarit, West coast of Mexico: Circa 100 BC- 250 AD.


Complete and intact

Height 18.2 cms (7.1 ins)


Provenance: Ex Romy Rey Collection, London; collected from the 1980's and onwards.


The people on the west coast of Mexico developed a thriving culture between approximately 500 B.C. and 500 AD., in an area of large wetlands and dense jungle. They left no written language, and all that is known about them comes from their ceramic art, which, for its time, is rivalled only by the Han Dynasty in China. The Nayarit is one of the great unknown Mesoamerican cultures. It was a farming people whose society was articulated around the shaman, the main head of a religion in which the cult of the dead played a major role.

Pre-Columbian Nayarit seated terracotta dignitary

SKU: K203

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