A burnished orange terracotta jar with bulbous waisted body and two curved handles set at the sloping mouth.


Circa 1350 BC.

Very Fine condition

Height 16.5 cms (6.5 ins)


Provenance: Professor Conrad Harris Collection of Early Chinese Art, formed in the late 1990's to early 2000's.


Conrad Harris became interested in Chinese pottery in the late 1990s, around the time he retired as Professor of General Practice at Leeds University. Having moved from a career in medical academia, he took an academic approach to learning about the styles and artefacts of different periods, from the Neolithic to the great dynasties of China. Harris was a highly erudite collector, who travelled extensively in China, pursuing his interest in ancient pottery wares through many provincial museums. He gave regular lectures and, in 2002, gained a Diploma in Asian Art from the British Museum. He was an active member of the Oriental Ceramics Society and in the 2003/04 Oriental Ceramic Society Transactions, he contributed the lecture 'Chinese ceramic horses and how they changed'. Most importantly, he gained immense pleasure from seeing his collection take pride of place on the shelves all around his study.

Provenanced Chinese Neolithic Siwa culture Jar

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