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A blue glazed faience shabti. The hands are crossed over the chest and hold agricultural implements; the seed bag is slung over the left shoulder. Fixed to a modern wood base.


Egyptian Ptolemaic period: Circa 4th-1st century BC.


Condition: Complete and intact with good colour and glaze.

Height 9.7 cms (3.8 ins)


Provenance: Ex S. Ghent collection, Belgium. Purchased from Christophe Varosi, Feb 1999, Brussels.


Ushabti figure, also spelled shabti or shawabty, are the small statuettes that are often found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Their purpose was to act as a magical substitute for the deceased owner when the gods requested him to undertake menial tasks in the afterlife; the word ushabti is usually translated as "answerer."


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Egyptian Ptolemaic blue faience shabti

SKU: K389

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