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A Roman free blown jar in pale green glass. The jar has a rounded rectangular body with four indentations, made with a tool the rim splayed out to the diameter of the body, and standing on a flattened, base.


Roman eastern empire: 3rd century AD. (likely 200-250 AD.)


Complete and intact with areas of pretty iridescence, a light crust over parts of the body.

Height: 7.8 cms (3 ins).


Purchased from UK collection of P.C. 1990-2010


See Plate E.112; Roman Glass; Reflections On Cultural Change: Stuart J. Flemming.


According to Stuart Flemming this kind of vessel is quite identical to one found in a physician's grave in Cologne, Germany.


Such flasks are frequently at Hellenistic and Roman sites, especially in cemeteries. Its most common use was probably as a container for the cosmetic oils and unguents, which were gathered from all corners of the extensive Roman Empire.


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Roman glass jar with indentations

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