A Roman lead votive statuette of Attis or Paris standing with right arm raised, left hand on the hip; Phrygian cap with scrolled top to the head, pleated sleeveless tunic, leaving the right shoulder and the breast uncovered, long Phrygian trousers gathered at the ankles.

Circa 2nd-3rd century AD.


Fair condition but clear enough details.

Height 8.1 cms (3.2 ins).


A similar figurine of Attis, with typical attributes, hare and shepherd's staff, dated at A.D.75-150, was found in Tongeren, Belgium, now in the local Gallo-Roman Museum.


From a private collection formed in the Netherlands; previously in a European collection formed prior to 1980.


Attis is an Anatolian god and the consort of the goddess Cybele. The myth of Attis is a complex one but it hints at death and rebirth as seen in nature with the death and growth of plants each year. During the Roman Empire Attis gained official recognition in the reign of Claudius. In the later Roman Empire he appears to have been considered as an all-powerful solar deity who offered immortality to his initiates.

Roman votive lead Attis statuette

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