We have been dealing in antiquities, ancient antiques and items of archaeological interest since the late 1980s, and have sold thousands of items to collectors all over the World, including leading museums. We took a break in 2007 to work abroad, but the lure of antiquities is a strong one, and on our return we have taken advantage of our contacts and knowledge to bring you a range of items of archaeological interest, art, artefacts and jewellery from times ancient.

TimesAncient is committed to the ethical purchase of all items of historical significance that we offer. We will never knowingly engage in the purchase of objects whose provenance or ownership history is deemed to be dubious. All ancient items offered for sale on our website are purchased from legitimate sources. These include old private collections, auction houses, legal finders and responsible dealers within the coin and ancient art market.

TimesAncient also trades on eBay as 'grimstonian', and has achieved top-rated seller status, with excellent feedback. Click here to go to Our eBay 

Ancient Tang pottery


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