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A complete British Bronze Age copper alloy palstave axehead of the Primary Shield Pattern type. The palstave has roughly parallel sides above the stop and a widely splayed blade. The cutting edge and blade tips are a little worn but intact. The palstave has a rich golden patina.


Circa 14th-12th century BC.


Condition: Very Fine; good stable.

Length 14.6 cms (5.75 ins).

Weight 525 grams.


Provenance: Found Humberside in the 1980s. From the Cotterill collection; formed 1960's-1990's. Previously ex Alex Szolin, Nottingham.


Palstaves of this type can be found in Schmidt, P. and Burgess, C. 1981. The Axes of Scotland and Northern England, pages 117-125, ref. 770-787A.

British Bronze Age copper alloy palstave axehead

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