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A relatively heavy bronze socketed axe with convex cutting edge; the rectangular socket decorated with linear ornament of five ribs running both sides and lip to socket mouth, with an integral side loop for attachment.


Circa 1000-750 BC


Fine condition.

Length 10.8 cms (4.25 ins).

Weight 302 g.


Property of a Kent gentleman; acquired UK market, 2015.


See Evans, J., The Ancient Bronze Implements, Weapons and Ornaments of Great Britain and Ireland, London, 1881, figs.124-125 and especially 129, for similar examples.


Specimens with five ribs are rare, with a one known English example from a hoard in Martlesham, Suffolk. Axe heads closely resembling our axe head can also be seen in France, in the Museums of Narbonne and Nantes.


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