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A Viking bronze disc brooch with some silvering remaining. The brooch is decorated with an intricate Borre style knotwork surrounding a central cross. Iron pin missing (as is usually the case).


British Norfolk: circa 950-1050 AD.


Fine condition.

Diameter: 28.6 mms (1.12 ins).


Provenance: From a Norfolk collection. A scholarly note accompanying the piece suggests the brooch was made in East Anglia.


For a very similar example see page 319 fig 1313: Volume-3; Brooches of Antiquity.


The style of knot design is of the time when Danish Kings ruled England about 952 1050 AD. when English art was under Viking influence. The central cross motif is seen on several late Anglo-Saxon metal work pieces though it started much earlier in Anglo-Saxon art.

British Viking brooch with Borre knotwork design

SKU: K306

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