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A blue glazed faience amulet in the form of the djed pillar, with top suspension loop.


Late Dynastic period: Circa 664-332 BC.


Condition: Very fine condition; small chip to the left edge; good glaze with light encrustations.

Height 3.6 cms (1.4 ins).


Provenance: Ex collection K.R., Rhineland-Palatinate, collection period from 1980 - 2000.


For similar example see R.H. Blanchard; Handbook of Egyptian Gods and Mummy Amulets; items 327-329: Also pages 82-83; Amulets of Ancient Egypt; Carol Andrews.


The djed pillar is an amulet in the form of the hieroglyphic sign which means 'enduring, stable' and similar.


It came to represent the backbone of the Lord god Osiris, and the Djed amulet was placed with the deceased to help ensure rebirth. A number of them could be strung around the lower torso or placed singly on the upper chest or around the neck.

Egyptian amulet of the Djed Pillar

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