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The vessel has a high handle with crude lion heads either side of the spout and is decorated around the body with grape and vine decoration.


Greek culture Apulian; late 4th-early 3rd century BC.


Condition: Very Fine condition; complete and intact.

Height: 15.5 cms (6.1 ins)


Supplied with TL test certificate confirming the age.


Provenance: Ex Swiss collection, purchased from Christophe Varosi, Brussels, in September 2012.


For similar see the Met Museum NY


An epichysis is a kind of jug with a squat body, a high slender neck ending in a pinched beak-spout tilted sharply upward, and a high raised handle that slightly protrudes from the spout. The narrow beak spout was well suited for pouring small doses of liquids, so it is thought that they served as vessels for expensive liquids such as oils or perfumes.

Greek culture Apulian epichysis

SKU: K286

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