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A large polychrome faience amulet of the striding goddess, Nephthys. On her head, she wears the characteristic headdress of a house atop a basket, and she wears a long sheer dress. An integral suspension loop is placed at the top of her head to the rear. The colouration of the faience varies from the turquoise on her headdress, to black on her wig, to a varied honey-green for her dress and face. With a small custom mount. Nice strong form and glazed surfaces.


Late Period: Circa 664-332 BC.


Complete and intact

Height 8.5 cms (3.3 ins).


Provenance: Ex Hindman Auction Chicago: Lot 28 May 27, 2021. Previously Parsons Collection, acquired in 1890. Thomaston Place Auctions, Maine, 8 November 2008, Lot 424.


Literature: Illustration 18: Amulets of Ancient Egypt; Carol Andrews.


Late Ancient Egyptian temple texts describe Nephthys as a goddess who represented divine assistance and protective guardianship. Here, as usual, she is crowned by the hieroglyphs signifying her name, which were a combination of signs for the sacred temple enclosure (?wt) along with the sign for nb or mistress (lady) on top of the enclosure sign. She is one of the four protectresses of the dead, the sister of Isis and Osiris, and the wife of Seth, and is found on every mummy, usually on the upper torso and in the company of Isis.

Large Egyptian faience amulet of Nephthys (Thoeris) sister of Isis

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