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A bronze vesica-shaped seal matrix accompanied by a museum-quality impression, the seal face bearing an incuse scene of a pelican in piety, feeding her young in a nest atop a scrolled stem; cross at start of legend: ' + KI BEN: EYME: TART:OBLIE': This is a Medieval French proverb, 'Qui bien aime, a tart oublié', meaning 'He who loves well takes a long time to forget'. Suspension loop to reverse.


13th-15th century AD


Very Fine condition with attractive patina.

Height 33 mms (1.3 ins).


Provenance: Found whilst searching with a metal detector in Leicestershire, UK, by Robert Ward; accompanied by a copy of Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) report number LEIC-2AC5D4.


Literature: Cf. The Portable Antiquities Scheme Database, id. LEIC-B0A204, ESS-12E704, WAW-75BDE7, LIN-58F8B8, and BUC-EE13A4, for similar.

Excellent Medieval Vesica-Shaped Seal Matrix with legend

SKU: J803

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