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A buff terracotta oil lamp, with a row of curved lines between two rows of dots below the nozzle, and groups of semi-circles with lines inside on the shoulders. The lamp stands on a ring base. 


Samaritan: circa 4th Century AD.


Fine condition; complete and intact.

Length 9.2 cms (3.6 ins).


Published: Noam Adler, Item 741: Oil Lamps of the Holy Land: The Adler Collection; Israel 2004


Provenance: Ex Judge Steve Adler collection Jerusalem, acquired since the 1960's. Exported with export approval licence of the Israel Antiquities Authority.


The Samaritans occupied the region of modern-day Tel Aviv to Haifa. The Samaritans are not Jewish, Muslim, or Christian. They are a distinct religious group descended from the northern tribes of biblical Israel, specifically the tribes of Ephraim, Menashe, and Levi. They developed a unique culture, including special symbols, art, and oil lamps. The Samaritan lamps are characterized by their shape and decorations and appear from the end of the Roman period to the early Islamic period.


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Published Holy Land Samaritan oil lamp

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