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An interesting amulet in faience depicting a triple Eye of Horus, which would have been inlaid and represented the power of sight, each complete pierced longitudinally for suspension.


Third Intermediate Period: Circa 1070-713 BC.


Condition: One of the eyes broken off and neatly re-attached; some surface deposits, with a small amount of inlay remaining.

Dimensions: 27mm x 28mms.


Provenance: Ex English Deceased Estate


Ref: Amulets by Petrie, Plate I.


The Eye of Horus was a powerful symbol of protection in Ancient Egypt, also known as the Wedjet, (or Ujat, meaning "Whole One") and the "all seeing eye". It was believed to have healing and protective power and was used as a protective amulet. If one eye was powerful, then the power of three would have been a surety.

Scarce Egyptian faience triple Eye of Horus amulet

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